Children Are a Blessing From God

By Heather Sabau
Fathers Mubaiwa and Moyo (CSsR) celebrated a Mass for the blessing of young children on Saturday on 30 March 2019, at Corpus Christi Cathedral in Chinhoyi Diocese, where they had preached their mission for two weeks prior.
Fr Mubaiwa said that children are a heritage from the Lord; an offspring is a reward from Him. He urged all parents to bring their children for blessing in the house of the Lord as it were bringing them closer to God. A question was posed by Fr Mubaiwa to the effect that, if parents are not bringing their children to Church for blessing, then where else would they be taking their children for blessing. He went on to say that, some parents are taking their children to witch doctors for charms which they have either around their necks or waists. Fr Mubaiwa also mentioned something that, what children receive when they are still young is what they follow in the future. This is in accordance with scripture: Proverbs 22:6 “Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Fr Moyo echoed the same sentiments saying that, children should come for a blessing and if they go astray they go astray whilst in the Church.
Emphasising on the blessing of children, Fr Mubaiwa talked about the Holy Family. When Joseph and Mary where blessed with the child Jesus, they took him with a pair of doves for presentation in the temple. It is during the presentation that Simeon blessed him. “If children are blessed through Christ they grow up fearing God and following the right ways,” Said Fr Mubaiwa.

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