Chipfuvamitimi youth festival

On Friday the 9th 2018 of June the social communications team together with the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) travelled to  which was organised by CCJP Chinhoyi. The aim of this festival was to encourage people from Chipfuvamiti area to become holders of birth certificates and national I.Ds since it is a problem that was highlighted by the youth from Chipfuvamiti. Their main concern was having parents who do not have these documents such that they too cannot be bearers of these imporant documents, meaning that they are denied of many opportunities in life since one needs at least a national I.D to be taken up for anything. Dramas, poems and choirs were delivered in line with the theme of the day of obtaining birth certificates and I.D to reclaim life. Below is an interview with one of the village Heardmen.

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