Marry Mount Mission High School Embraces Technology

Mary Mount Mission High School, will this coming term, open to a new development at the school. Moving with time the school has embraced technology and built a solar powered computer lab, purchased computers and connected the school to the rest of the world through internet; a giant step towards e learning.  A lot of information will be now at the disposal of the students at the click of a finger.

Mary Mount, is Catholic Mission school under the diocese of Chinhoyi. It is located in periphery of Mashonaland Central province. This school, established by the German Jesuits, in the then Sinoia Mission during the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle, started as primary school. At the peak of the war it was closed for the place was largely affected by war because the area where it is located was a used as one of the passages to Mozambique by the Zimbabwean soldiers (Guerillas) due to its proximity to Mozambique.

Some three decades after independence the Mary Mount Mission school was re-established as a boarding high school, under the stewardship of Fr Felix Mukaro, with an enrolment of two hundred students. The Catholic diocese of Chinhoyi and the Mary Mount Mission superior Fr Tigere Paul and his team are working flat out to bring the school to  its former glory and to expand enrolment. Construction and refurbishment of old structures at the mission is the business of the day.

A latest development at the school is a fully furnished computer classroom block. Forty computers where bought and the internet was also connected. Four overhead projectors for use in the computer lab and other classes were also purchased.  This is a major boost to the school as both students and teachers would able to research on the internet. Power cuts problem was mitigated by the solar panels installed at the computer lab as alternative to electricity. Computers will be introduced as a subject in the coming year 2020. A project that follows a computers project is construction of a classroom block. This project is expected to commence early next year.


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