Social Communications Commission

SOCCOM-Chinhoyi is a pro-active and vibrant Catholic Communication centre which is at the heart of evangelization in the Diocese of Chinhoyi. Guarded by the values of honesty, transparency, truthfulness, integrity, efficiency, reliablity, professionalism, respect for human dignity and collaboration, our main thrust is to facilitate communication timeously and effectively throughout the diocese and beyond. It acts as the mouth piece of the Catholic Diocese of Chinhoyi. Its sole purpose is to provide a communication platform through which all arms and commisions of the diocese can share ideas, thoughts, experiences and plan together. SOCCOM-Chinhoyi stands also as a visible sign of the unity of the Catholic Social Communications in the Church in Zimbabwe and world over. Apart from its situatedness as a communication platform for Chinhoyi Diocese, SOCCOM-Chinhoyi falls under the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishop’s Conference and thus it helps to link Chinhoyi Diocese with other dioceses within the Country.

The Commission provides communication platforms for information dissemination through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, website, newsletter, live audio visual performances, theatre, drama, and documentaries among other platforms. In addition, SOCCOM-Chinhoyi also is involved in film and TV production. Here we do the production of films, documentaries, musical videos, wedding and other related productions.  We strive to become an effective voice of the people of Chinhoyi and the Church.